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It is often hard to know whether carpet installation can be a do-it-yourself job, whether you should just let a general contractor tackle the job or whether to hire a Professional Orange County Carpet Installation Expert. If you hire an Orange County Carpet Installation Specialist, you still might want to know whether they are licensed and have passed a background check. There are a few things to consider after you invest in the carpet of your choice.

As you picture what it will look like on your floors, what certain furniture will look like in the room and how you will make this investment in home improvement pay off most notably, you have to also consider who is putting that carpet down for you. Below are some things to think about after you have chosen the carpet that will make picking the right Orange County Carpet Installation expert easier for you.

Choosing the Right Carpet Installation Expert

What Lies Beneath Your Carpet Flooring?

If you have an existing flooring that you just do not want to see in your design scheme, do not forget that it could come into favor again or become popular again. Additionally, if a decade later the carpet has seen its better days, if you have preserved what is underneath as much as possible, it can become new again under the right circumstances. Perhaps with some shine and polish, that old flooring will be just what you need for that stage of life.

Pricing Options

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Make sure to get more than one estimate for carpet installation. You do not want to cheat yourself and go with the first guy on the scene. Before getting estimates make sure:

  • You know your exact square footage
  • The plush level of your carpet
  • How thick you want the cushion to be
  • And what you want to do to what lies beneath

Tear Out and Removal of Old Carpet

If you have carpet that has exhausted its usefulness – and you intend to throw it away – you might want to find out if your new carpet installer will handle that for you. They may do this as part of the service, or they may be willing to negotiate a discount price to add this service.


The wonder of carpet can be fully experienced if it’s installed correctly. The perfect match for your home décor scheme and the right installer will mean that you get a new look for your home or room with no drama. Remember these points when picking the right Orange County Carpet Installation expert for your home.