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There is usually a lot more that goes into deciding on a carpet for your home than just the color or texture. In addition to these, carpet must also be durable. More then ever, this is true if you are getting Carpet Stair Installation. Staircase carpet must be able to undertake a heavy amount of foot traffic, while at the same time keep up with the overall look of your home.

Additionally, there are also angles to work around as the carpet bends with the stair design. It is therefore critically important that you know what to look for when picking a carpet for the stairs. Our Orange County Carpet Installation experts are now going to explore what key factors make a carpet ideal for stair installation to make your choice a little easier.

What Factors Make A Carpet Perfect for Carpet Stair Installations?

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Carpet That Is Durable

Durability is a universal quality for carpet, but it is also an essential factor when choosing stair carpet. Carpet for your stairs must endure some of the heaviest foot traffic in the home. Furthermore, children like to play in the stairwell, which means even more time spent on the carpet. Nonetheless, our Orange County Carpet Installation experts recommend that you choose a carpet that looks great, compliments your walls, and can withstand a lot of foot traffic.

Carpet Which Is Dense

Just because some carpets are denser, or thicker than others, does not always mean they are any more durable. In fact, many office or corporate buildings use very thin carpet that must also be extremely durable to stand up to the high foot traffic they endure everyday.

Dense carpet is not only more difficult to install, but also risky in some cases. Denser carpet generally tends to be more cushioned, which means there is not as much support for your foot. As a result, slips are very common on denser carpets, making them hazardous for the staircase.

Carpet That Is Soil Resistance

Soil, not stain resistant, is a critical quality if you like to walk around barefoot or have pets. The bottoms of your feet produce natural oils that leave a residue behind as you walk. As a result, our Orange County Carpet Installation Company recommends that you decide on a carpet that does not retain foot residue and attract dust or dirt particles.

Carpet Which Makes You Smile

Smiling occurs in looped carpet when it is bent, or installed the wrong way. Looped carpet is stitched together lengthwise. As a result, it is installed lengthwise on staircases from top to bottom and not from side to side. If looped carpet is installed the wrong way on a staircase, the smiling effect occurs, revealing the backing between the rows of carpet. Therefore, our Orange County Carpet Installation specialist recommend that you don’t use looped, or berber carpet when it comes to stair carpet.