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Are you planning on remodeling your floors anytime soon? The first thing to do is decide on what style of flooring you want. There are several styles of flooring to choose from, but the most popular are hardwood or carpet flooring. Regardless, even picking between these options is difficult for homeowners.

There are a handful of varieties of carpets and just as many styles of hardwood. So how are you to choose between carpet or hardwood flooring? Let’s look at some pros and cons of each style to help you figure it out.

Decide Between Carpet or Hardwood Flooring

Hard Wood Flooring | Orange County Carpet Installation Company

Hardwood Pros

Hardwood floors are quite popular. They are simple to clean and do not trap dust, allergens, or pollutants in your floor. Additionally, they also offer a visual appeal that can not be beat. Hardwood brings a naturalistic appearance to your home, especially with the early morning sunrise through the windows. Hardwood is simple to accentuate with painted walls. You can also add rugs to your hardwood floor to add a textured layer to the floor design.

Hardwood Cons

Despite the fact that hardwood is very visually appealing and easy to maintain, there are some cons to deciding on hardwood. For starters, it is not as comfortable as carpet, and therefore does not force guests to remove their shoes. It’s also more expensive to buy and install than carpet. However, it does tend to last longer than carpet, provided it is properly maintained.

Carpet Flooring | Orange County Carpet Installation Services

Carpet Pros

Carpet flooring is very comfortable, and offers a sense of warmth, welcome and hospitality. There are countless designs and colors to choose from when selecting which carpet to install. It is more affordable to buy and install than other types of flooring. Carpet is also easy to clean, although it does require more frequent cleaning than hardwood floors.

Carpet Cons

You must clean carpet more often than other kinds of flooring out there. Furthermore, carpet is also more liable to stains and damage from high foot traffic. Allergens, pollutants, and dust particles can become trapped in carpet. That means you have to vacuum more often. Having professional carpet steam cleaners come out and clean the carpet twice a year is also generally recommended by our Orange County Carpet Installation experts.