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Let’s be honest, spills happen all the time. Whether it’s mud carried indoors by your dog, puppy, rabbit, or cat or coffee that has dripped down the side of a mug and onto your new carpet floors, what’s underfoot is bound to undergo some abuse. Fortunately for you and your family, installing carpet with powerful stain-resisting properties comes filled with all sorts of benefits.

For one, it looks nicer and cleaners for longer. Spills generally mean stains, at least for other kinds of carpeting that lack a protective chemical coating on them. Blemishes sometimes cannot be hidden with throw rugs or furniture. If you are like a handful of people, these eyesores may urge you to replace your carpeting prematurely, and while you may enjoy getting new carpet, your budget may not.

Stain-resistant carpeting, however, such as SmartStands Forever Clean Carpet is actually one of the most cost-effective options for carpeting. You should not have to replace it as often because it does look nicer longer. Additionally, it’s available at relatively low price points compared to wall to wall carpet made from wool or other fibers.

SmartStrand Carpet Orange County Carpet Installation

As with most products, you get what you pay for. If you spend more money upfront to get high-quality carpeting, that flooring could easily last the course of your lifetime. The finest stain-resistant nylon versions available can cost more than carpeting made with traditionally more expensive fibers like wool or silk. The amount you save over time, however, can make up for the extra you pay upfront.

Furthermore, spills on stain-resistant carpeting are more likely to come out because of its wick-away properties. In a sense, this is a health advantage, because spills do not stick around to attract bugs and other uninvited critters.

Unfortunately, carpet can be a breeding ground for other unwanted things that may surprise you, regardless of whether it’s stain-resistant. Even though stain-resistant carpet offers some significant drastic redeeming qualities, it also poses a few drawbacks.

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