Mohawk Horizon Carpet – Nature’s Beauty

 Mohawk Product: Nature’s Beauty

Manufacturer: Mohawk

Width: 12.00

Grade: 1st

Quality Surface Type: Textured

Gauge: 5/32

Backing: AB

Total Weight: 82.77

Fiber Brand: SmartStrand

Fiber Content: 100% SMRTSTD TRIEXTA

Pattern Match: 3/4″W X 1″L

Residential or Commercial: Residential


Mohawk Product: Nature’s Beauty

Manufacturer: Mohawk

Width: 12.00

Grade: 1st

Quality Surface Type: Textured

Gauge: 5/32

Backing: AB

Total Weight: 82.77

Fiber Brand: SmartStrand

Fiber Content: 100% SMRTSTD TRIEXTA

Pattern Match: 3/4″W X 1″L

Residential or Commercial: Residential


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